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Pledging & Rush

Pledging is the traditional way sororities and fraternities determine who is interested in becoming a member of their organization. Every individual has their own reasons for pledging, but as a whole, most Greek houses desire the following:
- Teaching an individual to look beyond the physical appearance of both people and situations.
- Teaching an individual to avoid ridiculing what he or she does not understand.
-Developing strength and perseverance.
-Helping an individual to learn to work with other people: to understand them better, to accept them for what/who they are, and to work together toward a common goal.
-Developing a loyalty and dedication towards the Greek house they are pledging.


       Pledging is a very serious commitment for an individual. Becoming a sister is a personal goal that comes from her self-motivation.

Alpha Chapter

We follow the Alfred State College pledging policies and guidelines. Pledging occurs twice a year and, after an initial week Rush week, lasts for approximately four weeks. Rush is a time during which prospective pledges meet our sisters and those of the other Greek houses and determine which sorority best fits their ideals. It is followed by the first half of pledging, called Informals, and is an important time when the sisters and pledges get to know one another. The remaining weeks are spent developing the goals and ideals of our sorority.
Note: Our pledges are not forced to perform any illegal activities in order to become a sister. A pledge may disaffiliate themselves at anytime with no repercussions.

Beta Chapter

We follow the Finger Lakes Community College pledging policies and guidelines. Currently inactive.

Greek Glossary/Alphabet: click here to learn more about 

Greek terms and symbolism.

Membership Classifications

A Pledge: must be an enrolled with Alfred State College and abide by their policies.

An Active Sister: must be enrolled with Alfred State College and have successfully completed the pledging process.

An In-Active Sister: An active sister who chooses to refrain from the majority of sorority obligations due to serious personal, physical or educational reasons. She may return to Active Sister status at any time.

An Alumni Sister: must have successfully completed the pledging process with Delta Chi Omega and is no longer enrolled at Alfred State College.

An Advisor:  Since we are chartered by Alfred State College, the organization must have an on-campus advisor, in addition to the Alumni Association advisor, in order to put through a pledge class.

An Honorary Sister: cannot be an undergraduate and must be nominated by a sister for acceptance and voted upon by active members of our House for induction.


v. t. Any activity expected of someone joining a group (or to maintain full status in a group) that humiliates, degrades or risks emotional and/or physical harm, regardless of the person's willingness to participate.

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NYS Law prohibits hazing:

National Hazing Prevention Week - Typically the Last Week in September

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