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Parent Information

Who we are:

Your daughter has chosen to pledge Delta Chi Omega, a sorority whose tradition of sisterhood dates back to 1954 when we were founded on Alfred State's campus. 

Through our organization, your daughter will garner experience and knowledge needed for the real world. Leadership skills will be refined through holding an office within our Chapter House. As well, teamwork and social skills will be refined through established activities and events.

Financial obligations:

Prior to initiation, your daughter will be responsible for paying a partial initiation fee. This fee is established by the Sorority's constitution and includes orientation fees and partial membership dues. Upon final initiation, she will be required to pay the membership dues in full.

In addition to the original initiation fee, sisters pay membership dues each semester to our chapter. These dues go toward operating expenses and are set forth in the constitution. You may contact the chapter President for the established amount.

Upon graduation, members may elect to join the formal Alumni Association for non-campus related social events. Alumni Association dues are $30.00 per calendar year and entitle members to reduced alumni social event fees and other perks.


Dedication to our organization is critical for our longevity. Your daughter's pledge involves committing a portion of her time to the Sorority. This includes attending member meetings, Greek Council meetings (when appropriate), community service obligations, campus events and social obligations.

Prior to initiation, your daughter will be responsible for:
-completing our new-member orientation program
-working with an alumni mentor who will assist in helping her make the transition into sisterhood
-demonstrating her compatibility with our chapter and alumni members
-demonstrating the willingness and ability to maintain our sorority's standards of conduct
-fulfilling initiation financial obligations

How can you help:

Parental support is beneficial to your daughter's success within our organization. Financial backing is always important for a college student, but more importantly, supporting her decision to obtain membership in our organization is crucial.

Looking for a unique gift?
Feel free to contact us at if you want to purchase sorority related memorabilia for your daughter.

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